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SHINE - The Brand

SHINE uncommon nail polish - Completely Original Indie Nail Polish Handmade in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our polishes are carefully mixed and hand poured into every bottle. SHINE is not a massive “no face” manufacturer. We’re small and our manufacturing process is a creative labor of love. There is an advantage to being small, it gives us the ability to modify "old industry" formulas and produce beautifully original, less toxic, boutique nail polishes. SHINE offers beautiful Polishes, that are Cruelty Free and Vegan to the nail polish market with fewer harmful chemicals ("10 Free" to be exact). We offer a nontoxic alternative to the barely 3 free formulas from the mega brands and a uniquely fresh look to a sea of generic polishes. 


SHINE Nail Polish Closeouts - A collection of End of Line, Overruns and Sale Indie Nail Polishes. We’re making room for new colors and collections. If you see one you want, grab it before it’s gone. Only limited quantities available.  CLICK HERE

Our team


The Constellations Collection Multichrome Nail Polishes

The Process

When designing a new polish we follow our "Rule of Three" law before moving into production. 1. Is the Color AMAZING or just good? I pretty much show a new color to one of our staff or clients and ask "What do you think?" If it takes more than a nano second for ANY response, it's a no go. 2. Is the FORMULA up to our STANDARDS, does it pass our DURABILITY tests , does it APPLY well (one or two coat?), does it quickly and smooth? 3. How do our Test Groups SCORE it between 1-5? (Has to be at least 4) If all three RULES are met, mixing begins. We are fortunate to own a Salon and we're able to test our Polishes with a group of clients who are very particular, before production.

We are NOW 10 FREE

SHINE Polishes are 10 Free, meaning they are made without the 10 dangerous chemicals in most nail polishes. You might be thinking, what dangerous chemicals, I wear polish everyday. Our nail polish bases are formulated without: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, fragrances. These chemicals may cause serious health issues.  Issues like simple headache's and nausea to extremely serious problems such as seizures, acute pulmonary edema and birth defects with prolonged use.  That was just not going to do, we wanted to make a product we could feel good about letting our daughters, sisters, mother's and our clients (that's you) use. So when we began gathering the raw materials to use in our line, this was top of the list for us.  Eventually we found what we were looking for and use it to produce Handmade Polishes that are beautiful, long lasting, with 10 toxins you can check off your daily "things to worry about" list.  There's also a couple of cherries on top, we only buy ingredients from companies that never test on animals and SHINE is Vegan friendly.

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