How to Make Nail Polish Part 1 - Behind the scenes with Jason of SHINE Nail Polish

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How to Make Nail Polish

Behind the scenes with

Jason of SHINE Nail Polish 


Click the photo to watch the video

So, I decided to make you guys a behind the scenes video of me mixing a new polish from scratch. 

When I first decided to start a Indie Nail Polish Line it was so hard to find any videos showing someone actually making it. Most makers don’t like to share with possible new competitors.  I don’t really see it like that.  I like to see others succeed and don’t mind helping.  Anyway, the colors I design are usually pretty complicated and couldn’t be copied without the recipe. Heck, I couldn’t make them again if I didn’t keep a recipe journal. 😂This is an unscripted, totally a spur of the moment video. (It’s a little long). It’s kind of a how to video, with me making a 4 bottle batch (For the video it was easier to make a tiny little batch, instead of 30 bottles) of the new color GLAM Squad (I changed the name from Pink Ice, before I released it) I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn a little about Indie Nail Polish Manufacturing. I tried to film a bottle pour on this one, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I tried this one like 4 times. Lol.  I hope this helps someone trying to break into this business or interesting to those of you, who just wanted to see what to do.  Please leave me some comments or questions and I’ll try and answer all of them.

 Have a great weekend,

Jason (The Guy who makes Nail Polish)


Next time I’m going to be discussing what materials you need to start an Indie Nail Polish Line  

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  • Thank you for your video. It was helpful and informative. I appreciate your willingness to help those who would like to launch a polish line.

    Netta on

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