How to Make Nail Polish Part 2 - Supplies

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How to Make Nail Polish Part 2 - Supplies

Basic Materials and Supplies needed to make your own Nail Polish.


How to make your own Nail Polish Part 2 - Basic Materials and Supplies. 

Before we get to the list here a couple of things to remember before you get started:

A. Be sure to write down every ingredient and the amount you used on every polish in a Journal. Believe me, there’s nothing worse that coming up with a color that’s to die for, but you don’t know how to recreate it. Ahhhhhhh!

B. It’s going to take you a little while to get your formulas right, every Maker has their own way of doing things. You’ll know when you’ve got it just right, if you don’t, please stop. If you just can’t get it, then do yourself a favor and go buy some polish! I mean that in the nicest possible way. Lol.

C. Please find a well ventilated area to make your polish. You don’t want to breath this for hours. Even though its 10 FREE, it still goes to your head. I added the vent hood, but not everyone has a retail building to work in. Let’s all be safe please.

Supplies needed: All noted items can be found at

1. Luster base for non glitter polish – Tkb

2. Suspension base for polishes containing glitters - Tkb
Glitter will settle to the bottom of the bottle in a luster base

3. Mica pigments – multiple colors and types - Tkb

4. Glitters – I would wait to tackle the glitter polishes. Tkb

5. Glass Beakers (Lab Beakers) – Amazon
I don’t recommend mixing directly in the polish bottles, its messy, doesn’t mix really well and not to mention, its harder to do. Don’t use hard clear plastic cups or bowls to mix in, the polish base will actually melt them and your polish will be ruined.

6. Small funnels - Tkb

7. Disposable Measuring spoons - Tkb

8. An empty polish bottles w/ brushes and caps - Tkb

9. Steel balls to help shake up the polish - Tkb

10. Plastic mat for your work area (I use rubber shelf liner) - Misc Store

11. Swatch Wheels for testing – Sally’s

12. Acetone – Misc Store

13. Brush Cleaner – Sally’s

14. Paper Towels - Misc Store

15. A plastic mat to work on – I use rubber shelf liner – Misc Store

16. Apron – You will get it on your clothes, so get a stylist apron - Sally’s

You should wear your creations while your learning. You need to know how it feels, paints and length of wear. You’ll need to be able to answer questions about your polishes and compose accurate detailed descriptions, if you plan to sell online. Next is the fun part, give some to your friends to try. Get their honest opinions on all the above and ask them what they think about you colors. They’re great for pre-market research as well as free advertising.

Well, those are the basics, hopefully you’ve got a good grasp of where to start. If you have any questions, can’t find something or would like to leave a “nice” message, please use the comment section. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.


Good luck,

Jason “The guy who makes nail polish”


***If you want to keep up to date on my work, join the SHINE Polish MOB Group  or like our Facebook page: shinenailpolish. I collaborate with the members about our new additions, line drops, we vote on new polish names and I answer questions.

***TKB is the best supplier for beginners, you’ll be able to get most everything you need in one place. They also sell in small quantities, which is perfect for learning. Wait until your more comfortable making polish and that you want to do this for real to search for other suppliers; believe me there are many.

***That should be most everything you need to get started. Some people say you need $1000 to start, that it not true. I think you could get by with $200-$300 for the all of the supplies listed. Remember, you are just learning so don’t go crazy buying things.

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  • Can you show how you clean the polish from the glass beaker and mixer after you’re done please. Thank you!

    AR on
  • Wow, I’m so sorry. So glad you told me

    Jason Hale on
  • You might like to know that your link to automatically redirects to Otherwise great information—Thank you!

    Linda on

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