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Hey Guys,

I'm starting this blog 1. Because I'm an Indie Nail Polish Maker 2. Because I think the industry is unknown to a major section of people who would be interested in buying Indie Polishes and 3. Because I believe it's important that you know what's happening behind the scenes in the industry, its difficulties and its triumphs . Its a seriously huge endeavor, there are millions of people looking, buying, selling, blogging, swatching (testing), addicted to, making and can't get enough Indie Nail Polish. I was truly blown away by the sheer number of people involved. Indie Polish has is its own little culture, with too many groups, to many brands to count, websites, blogs, sales channels, Facebook pages, Instagram, etc. It can be quite confusing, especially if your just starting out as a customer or a maker. They (we) have their own lingo and the Grandmother of all they have POLISH CON, conventions around the US and the World where of course they meet each other, sell and show their lines and size up the competition.

At least that's what I'm gonna do!  I'm sure. Jim and I are going to have to go, I think it will be a riot, plus I have to show my line, right? And scare some people around there, there's a new kid in town. Lmao. Anyway, if you wanna stay informed from an outside/insider point of view, follow me and I'll keep this blog up and running. I'm going to start by posting at least once a week, may more. I'll makeup my own rules on that one. Lol. Oh and try my line SHINE uncommon polish, it's completely awesome. Now, on to the show!

I'm probably breaking some sort of rule (which I do often), but I wanted to know what Professional Nail Blogger Dianna Setterfield of (Awarded Top 50 Nail Polish Blog) had to say about my line. Now, Dianna hasn't posted her review yet, so I hope she doesn't wanna kill me for this, lol. I feel like I'm leaking some sort of government secret. Oh wait, this isn't Twitter. Hahaha!

I simply asked her "What was your take on my formulas, application and drying?"

She replied "The formula was awesome. Not too thick or too thin. Applied nice and smooth. The brush you chose for the older WYS bottles was perfection! Are you still using it for the new logo bottles?"

My answer to that is, "YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AM!" It was a real chore and took me a long time to find the perfect brush and then talk the manufacturer into delicately packaging them in their own box, so they don't get bent during shipping.

Dianna went on to say "No issue with drying either. They were all very nice! Looking forward to your next set."

Wow, I'm was truly relieved to hear that, what a nice compliment. You never know what's going to happen during a test, especially since I'm still in my first year. I'm grateful Dianna and I'm excited to ship you the next lineup of new polishes. You can checkout her blog at or @dsetterfield74 on Instagram. She's actually really funny, I think we have the same twisted humor. I have a feeling we would get along just fine. Lol.

I feel like, for some reason I contacted the right “Swatchers” for my brand; must be luck. I'll be writing more about other awesome Swatchers (that are awesome) in the next couple of posts. So, until next time, be good and don't inhale the fumes!


SHINE uncommon nail polish

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