What your nails say about you?

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What your nails say about you!

I’ve always heard you can tell a lot about a person by the colors they wear. Do people still think Black is for “Weirdo Vampire Chicks” and Cherry Red is for “Hookers”? I certainly hope not, otherwise there are a lot of “Weirdo Vampire Hookers” walking around these days. Ha! All kidding aside, it is amazing how far mainstream America’s preconceived notions about the meaning of color have changed over the last several years. Now you see just about every color on just about anyone and old stigmas do not apply. Still, I can’t help but think color does reveal a little something about a person’s personality.

I thought it would be fun to do a little research on the subject and relate it to a few popular colors of nail polish. So, let’s see what your nails say about you…
Nude (beige or skin tone) nail polish: Women who choose nude are traditional and tend to be a career driven. They most likely don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves. These Ladies have a certain inner strength and don’t need the approval of others to feel good about themselves.
Blue (Bright or Dark) nail polish: This woman is daring, usually has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to experiment. She is kind and a loyal friend, someone who’s always there for you. She likes to stand out in a crowd with her quirky uniqueness.
Pale Pink nail polish: These are the lover’s; they have a warm heart and like to help others. They also crave love and seek approval from others. 
Bold Pink (Hot Pink) nail polish: This girl loves attention and goes out looking for it. She is 100% Confident with her looks and usually acts like she hasn’t a care in the world.

Wine (Burgundy) nail polish: A sophisticated woman that carries herself with elegance and portrays a certain charm. She’s a deep thinker and interesting to talk to. She likes small dinner parties or even wine tastings, where she can carry on a conversation.

Gold nail polish: Hello eccentric lady! She’s the one who’s always talking and is most likely in control of the conversation. Glitter and sparkles are her thing and not in a bad way. She knows a thing or two about fashion trends; just ask her, she’ll tell you. LOL. She’s stays current with her style and is not scared to try new looks.

I saved the two big ones for last…

RED Nail Polish: The color of passion, emotion and of course love. A woman who wears red nail polish is ever the romantic at heart. She thrives on attention of other and is addicted to being the most wanted girl at the dance. Most of all, she’s in love with love!

BLACK Nail Polish: No longer thought of as the Bad Girls color, a woman who wears black nail polish is intelligent and has confidence in herself. She’s intuitive, introspective and an abstract thinker.
I think these characteristics are pretty spot on. They don’t necessarily define a woman’s entire personality, which is something a simple color cannot decipher. On the other hand, with so many color choices available, I do believe her mood (while wearing a specific color) can definitely be revealed.
I want to know what you think; do my color conclusions match your personality or the personality of someone you know? Let me know. Leave a comment or send me a message.

Have a SHINY day,


*Next time:
For all the yoga lovers, I’m going to write about Color and it’s correlation to Chakras of the human body. Chakra: the centers of spiritual powers in the human body.

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  • My color is blue and those things are all true. I was surprised!

    Breeze on
  • My colors say……. I am a force of nature and I am unafraid to express ALL of my personalities and opinions and have outstanding taste in polish regardless of the color or finish. I tend to talk with my hands quite a bit and I see the colors as a secondary language (if that makes sense)

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