Electric Shine Top Coat / Base Coat Bundles

Electric Shine Top Coat / Base Coat Duo Deal 

Includes: One bottle of Carbon Fiber Graphite Black/Grey and your choice of any one bottle of Electric SHINE Top Coats for $17.85.

To achieve the MAXIMUM effect of our Electric SHINE Top Coats, you need a dark base. Carbon Fiber pairs beautifully with our Electric SHINE Top Coats and this deal is a great way to get the look and save a little as well.


Apply 1 - 2 Coats of Carbon Fiber as your base

Let Dry

Apply 1 Coat of Electric SHINE (Like a switch, your black polished nails almost magically morph into Bright Glistening Color Shifting Beacons of Envy.

Let Dry

(Optional) Additional applications of Top Coat will create a more uniform look and increases luminosity. 

Apply a Clear coat

Let Dry


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