Know It All - Organic Cuticle Oil in Pen/Brush Applicator

  • $8.99

Know It all Cutile Oil is a mixture of 6 100% Naturnal Unrefined Pure Oils.

Jojoba Oil best matches the molecular structure of the sebum you naturally produce, allowing it to absorb into and effectively hydrate dry skin, Vitamin E Oil , Avocado Oil, Grapseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Calendula Oil.

These oils will absorb into the skin and won’t leave you feeling greasy. If your skin still feels dry after you’ve applied it, reapply until the skin feels hydrated. Initially this may take several applications because the skin drinks up the oil, but once the skin is properly hydrated you shouldn’t have this problem.
* Apply to the entire cuticle area and surrounding skin as often as you’d like (the more often the better!).
* After applying to all of your fingers massage it into the skin, doing one finger at a time. Once you’ve done each finger (and thumbs) rub excess oil into your hands as you would with hand lotion.

And there you have it! Know It All Cuticle Oil is filled with good for you oils and zero fillers!! I apply this throughout the day and immediately after any contact with water, results only get better with more and consistent use.

Store the bottle in a cool, dark place (such as a cabinet).

No added fillers or fragrances have been added.


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